A Designer, Illustrator, and creative-thinker currently based in the UK with work experience of almost 9 years in Design, Advertising, and Performing arts.

I’ve run my own businesses in India, Netherlands, and the UK. I believe that my diverse work 
experience has helped me develop unique and creative solutions for an array of my clients from across the world, ranging from
small businesses to global brands.

Before moving to Amsterdam in 2018 where I worked as an independent designer, I successfully ran a boutique creative agency for 5 years in Delhi, India called Beyond Routine.

Currently living in the UK, I'm working as an independent Art director/ Graphic designer/ Digital designer and Illustrator.

In the ever-changing times of the internet, I've developed a lot of love for creating content for my social platforms. Head over to my Instagram to check my Photo illustrations - an innovative way to combine my love for graphics, photography, and illustration. 

Feel free to reach out for commissions and collaborations at riab.bhatnagar@gmail.com