With a work experience of nine years in building creative business and expertise in Design, Advertising, Illustration, Performing Arts & Events.

I'm well-versed in the creative process of building a brand and help big as well as small businesses with innovative strategies and designs to stand out in the midst of online clutter.

An analytical thinker, who enjoys problem-solving, innovation, and learning about new industries.


Before moving to Amsterdam in 2018 where
I worked as an independent designer, I successfully ran a start-up for 5 years in Delhi, India.

Currently living in the UK, I'm working as an independent Art director/ Graphic designer/
Digital designer and Illustrator.

In the ever-changing times of the internet, I've developed a lot of love for creating content for my social platforms. Head over to my Instagram to check my Photo illustrations - an innovative way to combine my love for graphics, photography, and illustration. 

Feel free to reach out for commissions and collaborations at riab.bhatnagar@gmail.com