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Ria is a Graphic artist, Designer, Illustrator and Creative entrepreneur based in the UK

Art Direction  |  Graphic Design  |  Digital Design  |  Branding  | Illustrations


Absolutely loved working with Ria.

She's truly passionate about her work and also very professional which shows in her final product. She designed logo for my small business and it really is the best investment I have ever done.

I've just told her my ideas and the final product is exactly what I wanted and infact even better than what I had in my mind.
She really is the best and a great artist.

I highly recommend Ria.
Look no further, just hire her

Shohini, Contemporary Arts Week

Ria handled the designs both concept and execution for the entire festival single - handedly.

It was such a pleasure to see her multi-task and yet produce perfect work one after the other. She is a gem for any team to have!

The innovation that Ria brought to a simple idea was like a breath of fresh air. I loved working with her, and she is a total boss.

Do yourself a favour and
work with her!

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